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CORE Faculty at jyoti dalal school of liberal arts

Uma Narain

Dr. Uma Narain

M.A., PhD

Fulbright Fellow

Dean (in charge) Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts, Professor, School of Business Management

Specialization: Literature, General management, Non Classroom Learning, Communication Skills


Achyut Vazé


Adjunct Professor

Former Dean - FLAME School of Communication, Pune

Specialization: Creative Writing, Television, Cinema, Economics.

George Jose

George Jose


Assistant Professor

Specialisation: Anthropology, Sociology, Arts management, Urban studies

kanika kalra liberal arts

Dr. Kanika Kalra

MA, Ph.D. (University of California)

Assistant Professor

Specialization: History and Archaeology

ravi saxena

Ravi Saxena

M.A., M.Phil. Pursuing Ph.D. (Political Science)

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Political Science and International Politics and Relations


Dr Dipti Kulkarni

B.C.S, M.Cm.S, PhD

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Language and Communication


Anu Malik

M.A, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Psychology)

Specialization: Cognition and Health Psychology

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