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Dr. Dipti Kulkarni


Dr. Dipti Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Language and Communication

B.C.S, M.Cm.S, PhD

Areas of Specialization

Language and Social Interaction, Pragmatics, Philosophy of Language and Communication, Computer Mediated Communication, Media Studies, Discourse Studies

Academic Profile/ Research Experience

4 years (Post-PhD)


- Institute Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 2007-2012
- National Eligibility Test

Current Topics of Research

• Media Representation of the Temple Entry Agitation: A Comparison between English and Marathi Press
• Menstruation Narratives
• Dialogic Communication


Kulkarni, Dipti. (2016). Self-repair in Instant Messaging Interactions. Journal of Creative Communications, 11(3), 227-243.

Kulkarni, Dipti. (2016). No Social Change Sans Dialogue: Case of Shani Shingnapur. Economic and Political Weekly, L1(34), 34-35.

Kulkarni, Dipti. (2016). "आगे चलो": शनि शिंगणापूरच्या नाउमेद झालालेया बदलाची कथा. मिळून साऱ्याजणी, 1(88), 24-27.

Kulkarni, Dipti. (2016). On Duty - Without Fail: Memoirs of Baba. Muse India, 66: Mar-Apr '16. Retrieved from on 15th April 2016

Kulkarni, Dipti. (2015). Instant Messaging: The Medium and it's Discourse. In M. Reddy (Ed.), Metamorphosis of New Media and Digital Culture (209 - 229). New Delhi: Lenin Media.

Kulkarni, Dipti. (2013). Exploring Jakobson’s Phatic Function in Instant Messaging Interactions. Journal of Discourse and Communication, 2(2), 117- 136.

Kulkarni, Dipti. (2010). Rev. of Computer Mediated Communication for Linguistics and Literacy: Technology and Natural Language Education, Information Science Reference: New York, 2009. European Journal of Communication, 25, 298-300.

Kulkarni, Dipti. (2010, December, 21-23). Openings in Instant Messaging. Papers for presentation at the 32nd All India Conference of Linguists. Lucknow, India: Linguistic Society of India.

Kulkarni, Dipti. (2006, July, 23-29). Reception Analysis of Indian Advertisements. Paper prepared for presentation at the International Association for Mass Communication Research. Egypt: The American University

Conferences attended

Kulkarni, Dipti. Forestalling Trouble through Self-repair in Instant Messaging Interactions. Paper presented at the 14th International Pragmatics Conference. 26-21 July, 2015. Antwerp, Belgium.

Kulkarni, Dipti. A Pragmatic Account of Phatic Utterances. Paper presented at the 13th International Pragmatics Conference. 8-13 September 2013. New Delhi, India.

Kulkarni, Dipti. Instant Messaging: The Medium and its Discourse. Paper presented at the conference ‘Metamorphosis of New Media and Digital Culture’. 7-9 March 2013. Department of Communication Studies, University of Pune.

Kulkarni, Dipti. Phatic Communion on Instant Messaging: A Conversation Analytic Approach. Paper presented at the 12th International Pragmatics Conference. 3-8 July 2011. Manchester, United Kingdom.

Kulkarni, Dipti. Openings in Instant Messaging. Paper presented at the 32nd All India Conference of Linguists. 21-23 December, 2010. Lucknow, India.

Kulkarni, Dipti. Wikipedia: A Social Semiotic Perspective. Paper presented at Wikiwars. 12-13 January 2010. Bengaluru, India.

Membership of Professional Organizations

International Pragmatics Association

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