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Dr. Kanika Kalra

kanika kalra liberal arts

Dr. Kanika Kalra

Assistant Professor

Specialization: History and Archaeology

MA, Ph.D.

Areas of Specialization

Historical Archaeology, Deccan studies, landscape studies, water management, Geographic Information Systems

Academic Profile/ Research Experience

MA (History) from Delhi University,
MA (Archaeology) from University of California, Los Angeles
PhD (Archaeology) from University of California, Los Angeles


- UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship (2014-15)
- UCLA Harry and Yvonne Lenart Graduate Travel Fellowship (2012)
- UCLA Chancellor’s Prize Summer Mentorship Award (2010 & 2011)
- ICHR Contingency Grant (2009)

Current Topics of Research

• Political economy of water in medieval and early modern Deccan
• Early medieval political history of northern Karnataka


Gillespie, Thomas, Monica Smith, Scott Barron, Kanika Kalra, Corey Rovzar. 2016. Predictive modeling for archaeological sites: Ashokan edicts from the Indian subcontinent. Current Science 110(10): 1916–1921.
Smith, Monica, Thomas Gillespie, Scott Barron, Kanika Kalra. 2016. Finding History: The Locational Geography of Ashokan Inscriptions in the Indian Subcontinent. Antiquity 90: 376–392.

Kalra, Kanika. 2015. Book Review of Power, Memory, Architecture: Contested Sites on India’s Deccan Plateau, 1300–1600, by Richard Eaton and Phillip Wagoner. Deccan Studies 12(2): 98–109.


Hindi and Punjabi (Native speaker)
Sanskrit, Persian, Urdu (Intermediate reading and writing)
Kannada (Elementary speaker)

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