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Dr. Uma Narain

Uma Narain

Dr. Uma Narain

Dean (in charge) Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts,
Professor, School of Business Management, 
Fulbright Fellow

Specialization: Literature, General management, Non Classroom Learning, Communication Skills

M.A., PhD

Areas of Specialization

Liberal Arts Education – program architecture, course design and delivery; Theatre in education; Movies as case studies; Cross cultural literature and social studies; Women’s studies; Leadership; Service sector, Ethics in Business, Non Classroom Learning course design, pedagogy and delivery.

Academic Profile/ Research Experience

37 years

Current Topics of Research

Service Science (cab aggregators, surrogacy)
Ethics in Business
Gender in Organizations


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13. ‘Microfinance Crisis in India: Return of Shylock’, EBEN Conference on Does Integrity Matter? at Dublin, Ireland, 8th – 10th June 2011, published at

14. Ethics in Financial Inclusion Services: Aristotle’s Four Causes Theory, AHFE International – Applied Human factors & Ergonomics Conference 2012, Conference proceedings, California, page 2367-2375

15. The Art of Managing People & Teams through ‘Theatre Laboratory’, Journal of Teaching and Education, CD-ROM. ISSN: 2165-6266 :: 2(4):293–305 (2013), Copyright c 2013 by, pages 293-305

16. Uber: A Case of Service fiduciary, Uma Narain & Suresh Mhatre, AHFE Conference, 2015, Las Vegas, USA, Conference proceedings; pages 2491-2498. The paper is being developed as a chapter in a book.

17. Bollywood: Opiate of the Masses, Suresh Mhatre & Uma Narain, AHFE Conference 2015, Las Vegas, USA, Conference Proceedings; pages 2499-2506

18.Impact Analysis of Demonetization on Service Sector: An Indian Experience. Uma Narain & Ranjit Pattnaik, Advances in Human Factors, Software, and Systems Engineering, Proceedings of the AHFE 2017, Los Angeles, USA, Springer International Publishing AG 2018, pages 174-184

19.Academic Leadership in India: the case of Liberal Arts Education, The Business & Management Review, Vol 10, Number 1, November 2018

Conferences attended

‘Not So Small Price for Big Data’ Suraj Cummori & Uma Narain, at HSSE 2014 conference at Krakow, Poland, May 22nd, 2014.

‘The Art of Managing People & Teams through ‘Theatre Laboratory’, at Euro-American Conference for Academic Discipline at Prague, May 28th May – 31st May, 2013

The Art & Craft of ‘getting things done’, paper presented at 25th Annual Conference, EBEN, IESE, Barcelona, 19th -23rd Sep, 2012

‘Show me your Books: Transparency in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector’, Chandhrika Venkatraman & Uma Narain, at 25th Annual Conference, EBEN, IESE, Barcelona, 19th -23rd Sep, 2012.

‘Mark Whitacre: From Informant to Informer’, on ‘From Theory to Practice – How does Business Ethics Matter?’ at EBEN conference at Tampere, Finland, June 14-16, 2010

Chaired a panel discussion on “Cracking the Glass Ceiling”, Gender Challenges at Workplace program, 3rd Annual Conference, Bombay, 8th March, 2007

‘Post Modernism & the Evolution of the Self-Directing Teams’ at CDE Conference, Augsburg, Germany, 25th -27th May 2006

‘Fornes’ Women: Feminine Feminists’ at XXXI Indian Association for American Studies’ (IAAS) Conference at Department of English, University of Pune, 4th-6th December, 1997.

“Charlotte Keatly said…”, 5th February 1996, British Council Seminar on contemporary writing in English at the Department of English, Punjab University, Chandigarh.

‘Nukkad Plays: Street Theatre of Struggle for Human Rights at 5th International Theatre Festival Malta’ 95 Conference Poznan, Poland, 27th June – 2nd July 1995

‘Theatre of Vietnam War: Reality Truer than Experimental Fact’ at the conference of German Society of Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English, Dresden, Germany. 22nd – 25th June 1995.

‘Vietnam War Plays: coming to terms’ at the 28th Indian Association for America studies conference at Lucknow University. 2nd – 4th April 1994.

‘American Theatre and Vietnam War’ at the ‘8th Oxford Conference on Teaching of Drama to Overseas Students’, Oxford, U. K. March 1993.


National Science Talent Search Scholarship 1966

Fulbright Junior Post-doctoral Fellowship 1992-93 for carrying our research in ‘American Theatre and the experience of Vietnam war’ at University of New York, U.S.A. September 1992 to March, 1993.

A ten-day residency at Omaha Magic Theatre, Omaha, Nebraska, U. S. A. to collaborate on a Rockefeller project called ‘PERFORMANCE – EXPLORATORIUM’. 22nd to 31st July, 1996

Fulbright – Tata Travel Grant to U. S. A. 1997-98 to work with Omaha Magic Theatre, Omaha, Nebraska

Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrator’s award (leadership category) to USA, 2018

Membership of Professional Organizations

- European Business Ethics Network
- Fulbright Alumni Network
- Human Side of Service Engineering (AHFE)

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