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A message from the dean

Uma Narain

Dr Uma Narain

The Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts was established in 2016 with the vision of creating an educational institution that provides excellent holistic education at the undergraduate level. While liberal arts has been a popular choice in the West for decades now, we are seeing a great surge in interest towards liberal education in India today. Parents and children are moving away from conventional education and looking for courses that are able to prepare students capable of contributing to the twenty first century.

Liberal arts education is broad based and inculcates intellectual ability in students so that they can begin to understand ideas and beliefs and know ‘why the world is the way it is today’. Such an approach to learning is not new at all and we find it echoed in the writings of India’s luminaries such as Rabindranath Tagore when he writes ‘where the mind is without fear’ and in the works of J.Krishnamurti when he says “the true purpose of education is the cultivation of the total human being…to help students flower naturally…otherwise education becomes merely a mechanical process, oriented to a career…(where) the freedom to flower will gradually wither”. The school has been set up with this vision of providing holistic education.

Our vision is translated into learning goals, curriculum, pedagogy and evaluation. Accordingly, the learning goals of the school are:

  • How do I understand the context of the world as it is today?
  • How do I respond to the world in a creative manner?
  • How do I build my argument or my narrative?
  • Finally, how do I conceptualize what I ‘see’ and what I ‘know’ into personal wisdom and application in life

The program at JDSoLA distinguishes itself by following design:

  • Course architecture –is designed to give a taste of several subjects to a student and not just a few subjects as in a conventional undergrad program. Every subject is a perspective, a part of the total reality. The first two years are devoted to building the general foundation. The third year is dedicated to specialization and career related education.
  • Trans-disciplinary pedagogy –– Life is complex. In Liberal Arts education, subjects are not taught in silos - they are integrated as a composite whole through trans-disciplinary learning.
  • Student –centric approach to classroom learning through highly interactive sessions.
  • Experiential learning and not purely theory based teaching by experienced and highly qualified faculty.
  • Learning is fun. We bring the joy of learning back into the education arena.

I welcome you to explore the website and write to us should you like to know more.

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