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"The true purpose of education is to be concerned with the cultivation of the total human being... To help us students flower naturally... Otherwise education becomes merely a mechanical process oriented to a career or some kind of profession... where the freedom to flower gradually withers"

J. Krishnamurti

For the last 35 years, NMIMS has been a pioneer and a thought-leader in the field of higher education. The Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts is yet another effort to respond to the unmet educational needs of society. The three year under graduate program offered by the School, provides broad-based and trans-disciplinary education by offering a wide spectrum of courses in Humanities, Social Sciences, Formal Sciences, Law, Fine Arts and Performing Arts. At the level of the individual, such education helps to develop a well-rounded personality capable of working anywhere. At the social level, it engenders active, productive and ethical citizenship.

Conventional education with an overemphasis on teaching what is required for sustenance is being questioned today. As the youth enter an increasingly complex and ever-changing VUCA world, both they and their parents find that text-bookish knowledge is not only staid but is unable to equip them with adequate tools and techniques to make sense of the world and to contribute to it in meaningful ways. The three year curriculum at JDSoLA with its interactive, application oriented, and experiential learning approach is designed to respond to this need.

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Message from Prof. Indira Parikh,

Prof Indira Parikh
Former Dean, IIM Ahmadabad 
Advisor, Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts

"Liberal Education in NMIMS is a creation of an Learning Environment for students to explore the universe of wisdom , multiple streams of knowledge and the emerging new and meander across the millenniums of human existence. Liberal Education prepares the students to have a holistic experience and provides time , space and togetherness to grow up in a wholesome human being. The educational space of NMIMS creates energy to explore , the passion to discover , the depths of understanding for insights, and share the vastness of new horizons which beckon the young generation of students. The students have the space for performance, to touch the socio cultural wisdom of heritage, to understand the present state of the nation and the globe and the experience the world of sports.

Liberal Education of NMIMS is a place and a space where students come as young adolescents and grow up as sensitive family members, committed to performance in organisations or their own enterprise and proud citizens making a difference in whichever space they are on."

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