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Dr. Achyut Vazé,

Liberal Arts in India - The Future is Now

Today there is a fresh recognition of the vitality and significance of a strong liberal arts programme across the Asian subcontinent, especially in India. For more than half a century societies across this region emphasized the mastery of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in its learning environments, enabling it to metamorphose rapidly by leveraging its trained manpower and convert these regionsinto significant manufacturing hubs. However these countries now have to contend with the transition to a post-industrial moment that values creativity, innovation and more expressive cultures. Aslew of recent reports in India emphasise the need to cultivate and nurture the liberal arts in education.

The Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts (JDSoLA) was established in this opportune moment with the vision of providing a holistic interdisciplinary education. It would build on the strengths of SVKM’s NMIMS University and provide a firm foundation for students aspiring to make an impact in the new and emerging knowledge economy.

At JDSoLA we innovate continuously. Our programme architecture transformsregularly as we learn from our experience. We are attuned to our students, listen to the feedback and respond by refining our pedagogy, developing new courses and plugging gaps in our curricula.

A liberal arts education provides a strong foundation across disciplines and inculcates critical and professional abilities in students. This enablesthem to develop their interests,mould their personal pursuits and eventually find their career path.

Tertiary education should equip future graduates with a range of skills. Critical thinking, the ability to recognise multiple perspectives, the proficiency to generate an argument, and the dexterity to acknowledge diverse stakeholders. JDSoLA’s program architecture will have equipped its alumni with a range of capabilities that will empower them to leverage their moment.

We welcome you as future students of liberal arts to visit the JDSoLA website, study ouracademic program, and familiarise yourself with admission details, and faculty and student achievements.

Dr. Achyut Vazé


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